Courses Content Digitalization Services

transforming your training content into governed online course

Your digital educational/training content deserve to be presented in the most engaging way to your learnees.

IBS provides courses content transformation service. This service helps with shifting from traditional educational or training content into online virtual one, which aid in cost-saving yet serve larger segments of beneficiaries with equal or a smaller number of trainers.

We create a digital online governed course from your traditional content.

Interactive Content Features

making sure learnee interact with it

User Identity Authentication & Validation

E-mail OTP verification.
SMS OTP verification.
Random Identity Verification

Time Control

Restrict time per page
Pause & Resume
Time-controlled Exams

Comprehension Monitoring

Assessment questions
Graded & Non-graded Quizzes
Time-controlled Quizzes & Exams

Two-way communication

Course Participants Live Chat
Comments and Disscussion Boards
Q&A and Query Module

Media & Infographics

Image & Photo presentation
Audio & Video recordings
Prezi & Animated Infographics


Interactive Exams and Quizes
Various types of assignments
Ipsative assessment

Course Management

Create, Edit and plublish courses


Create certificates for your course

Who Can Benefit?

wide spectar of potentials for everyone
Proprietary Corporate & Goverment



  • Company’s policies.
  • Standard-Operating-Procedure courses.
  • Safety-driving courses.
  • Courses as pre-requisites to acquire visas.
Schools, Academies, Colleges or Universities



  • Prep-School lessons for kids
  • Primary school lessons.
  • Secondary School Lessons and Quizes
  • Higher Education Lessons and Exams
Academies, Training & Cert centers



  • Language Learning Lessons
  • Travel and Excoursions Courses
  • Hajj and Umra Lessons
  • Life Skills Courses
All Entities and Establishments



  • Onboarding in Corporates
  • Environment Introduction
  • Tenants Onboarding
  • Safary Tour Prep-Course

IBS InterAct LMS Platform Features

IBS InterAct LMS Overview

InterAct is subscribtion based Learning Management System (LMS) offered as hosted & managed software as service (SaaS) where we put extra effort into designing a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for your courses, books and lessons.

User Roles

Managers, Content Builders, Teachers, Students


Upload and share various types of files


Register and enroll participants into courses

Additional Services

IBS InterAct Services for content transformation
extra-service (1)

Content & Animations

IBS can create for you a graphical or animated parts for your online lessons, as addition to content digitization


Educational Presentations

IBS can transform for you any kind of teaching material into eye-catching presentation