Advisory & Smart Environments

IBS Technology Consultancy & Advisory Services cover wide spectrum of fully integrated Smart Building technology solutions to provide end users with an interactive, convenient, and automated environment.  The process starts with concept development and becomes a part of the building’s soul, reflecting on the very identity of the project. Not only does this futuristic yet accessible technology benefits occupants, reduces energy-related expenses for your business and helps the environment, too. We equip real estate entities with technological features with purposes of cost savings, convenience, practicality, and even luxury.

Environment could cover any type of real estate such as residential towers, villas, schools, hospitals, utilities, government or public services estate, or commercial towers or complexes. SES is an end-to-end solution spanning over interface, systems and end user premise equipment. SES adds value to the project’s Return on Investment (RoI)  by means of Energy conservation, Sell or lease faster, Increase Property value, and Return revenues to Landlord or Owners Association. IBS value-add is to translate client requirements into effective properly integrated end operation.


  • Define Requirements

  • Solution Design

  • Scoping

  • RFP Development & Proposals Evaluation

  • Peer Reviewing

  • Delivery Management


Define Requirements


Solution Design


RFP Development, Tendering & Proposals Evaluation


Peer Reviewing & Delivery Management

Smart Environment Components

  • Spatial Requirements:
    • Fiber Backbone
    • Structured Cabling Sub-Systems  (SCS)  infrastructure
    • Canalization
    • Telecom Rooms
    • Servers Room(s)
    • Data Center
    • Command and Control Center
  • Networking
    • Networking (LAN)
    • WiFi Coverage
    • Broadband Required Systems (Routers/Firewall/etc.)
  • Triple Play IP Services
    • Internet
    • Telephony
    • TV
  • In-Building Solutions
    • RFID
    • GSM  Boosters
    • Beacon Technology
    • Zigbee Technology
    • Wireless Solutions
  • Building’s IP or LC Systems:
    • Surveillance
    • Public Address System
    • Master Clock
    • Access Control
    • Parking System
  • Building’s control & Integration
    • Building Management System (BMS)
    • Building Automation & Integration System (BAIS) for
      • Lighting System
      • HVAC
      • Elevators
      • Pool Equipment
    • Automated Meter Readers (AMR)
  • Special
    • Home Automation
    • Digital Media
    • Facade Media
    • Property Management System